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About RS Restore Africa

RS Restore Africa is a Ghanaian non-profit community base organisation, which has Cooperate and individual affiliations in Italy, Canada, UK, South Africa and Nigeria.

We support the basic needs and rights of the poor, human rights, women’s rights and right to education. We raise funds, provide and support humanitarian and development programmes.

RS Restore Africa aim at providing skills training, healthcare, empowerment programmes, education and schooling facilities to the less privileged.

We believe that restoration begins with our minds, communities, countries and Africa at large. Africa needs to be restored in several ways Human Rights, Culture, education, soil, forest, African dignity, unfair trade policies, children, men, women, youths etc.

RS Restore Africa as an NGO has a mandate to build one Africa, thereby restoring the richness of Africa, good governance, fighting poverty through education, outreach, Generate Awareness, fundraising, donate, Volunteer as a means to work with communities at different African Countries, at the grassroots level so as to curb out the stigma of poverty in Africa.

RS Restore Africa has the mandate to create empowerment programmes to motivate the youths of Africa so as to be productive in the rural and urban areas with intent to grow the richness of African economy.

RS Restore Africa is a humanitarian NGO that will always have concern for helping and improving the welfare and happiness of people who yearn for support, save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity extending a helping hand not only to vanish tears off their faces but also act as cure for oneself.

RS Restore Africa will never keep silent to the suffering of Africa.

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