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who we are


RS Restore Africa is a Ghanaian non Governmental Community Development base Organization, we improve the well-being of people through Learning and Creativity, Educational Support, vocational Training, Empowerment, Economic Development and Social Services. RS Restore Africa was founded in 2016 and has Coperate and individual affiliations in Italy, Denmark, Canada, USA, UK, South Africa and Nigeria.

We believe that restoration begins with our minds, communities, countries and Africa at large. Africa needs to be restored in several ways Human Rights, Culture, education, soil, forest, African dignity, unfair trade policies, children, men, women, youths etc.

RS Restore Africa has the mandate to create empowerment programmes to motivate the youths of Africa so as to be productive in the rural and urban areas with intent to grow the richness of African economy.

RS Restore Africa is a humanitarian NGO that will always have concern for helping and improving the welfare and happiness of people who yearn for support, save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity extending a helping hand not only to vanish tears off their faces but also act as cure for oneself.

RS Restore Africa will never keep silent to the suffering of Africa.

mission, vision and objectives

Our Mission is to promote, change and uplift the status of Men, women, children and youths in Africa.

To use sustainable means to facilitate knowledge and skills acquisition to enable deprived youth in the marginalized societies to be restored to their functional socioeconomic and cultural state in their communities

Our Vision is Restoring the new African Generation

Our Objetive is to-

1. To educate and train the youth in marginalised
communities for skills that leads to self-employment

2. To provide health services to women and children
to improve community health

3. Involved the youth in sustainable programmes that
uplift the sociocultural status for better social integration towards a new African generation

SLOGAN: never keep slient to their suffering

our core values

Everyone needs help.
No sacrifice is trivia.
A person’s plight must not to be ignored.
No sacrifice is trivial.


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